Trip to Littlehampton Recycling Centre shows how wasteful people are

The name ‘Littlehampton’s Recycling Centre’ is a total misnomer, seems to me it is anything but. It is merely a dump, a tip, as we used to call them, a place where good things go to die and are buried beneath a sea of waste.

I went there last week with two bags of garden rubbish which I am hoping went to some large composting company but I cannot even be sure of that. Such a wasteful society.

Whispering Smith: Plenty of info to digest and recycle here...

Whispering Smith: Plenty of info to digest and recycle here...

While queuing I noticed a stream of interesting items being tipped into skips, among other still useful things, excellent garden furniture, household furniture, kitchen ware, garden tools, wheelbarrows, bicycles, books and collectables.

I noticed a very nice bevel-edged, round mirror being shot into a bin and, being in need of such an item for my hallway, I asked if I could have it or buy it.

The attendant politely informed me it was not policy to sell items or even allow the public to remove them from a bin once tipped in.

When I walked by a few minutes later the mirror was smashed – seven years bad luck to someone – and partially buried. Recycling? I think not.

I pondered the fact that had it really been recycled it would now be in my hallway or in a second-hand furniture shop continuing its life as a mirror.

I commented on this to a new arrival as she popped her boot and she told me she thought it was a recycling centre and, if simply a rubbish tip, she would take the contents to a charity shop which are, in truth, the real recycling centres.

I guess the loss of the mirror was a mere reflection on the wastefulness of we, the inhabitants of this neglected and dying planet called Earth.

Last week I inadvertently quoted a glib recycling comment as being by Arun District Council when it was actually West Sussex County Council. Can’t blame Arun District Council for everything...

|Also in the news - Prince Harry and Meghan have announced their first official visit to Sussex; six people became unwell after breathing in paint fumes at Littlehampton Tesco; and West Sussex County Council have explained why street lights remain switched off in the dark mornings|

IT puzzles me that shows such as Strictly Come Dancing receive seemingly endless advance notices on BBC television and are widely covered in the national press yet superb, witty, well written and, yes, even educational programmes such as Ben Elton’s brilliant Upstart Crow get little advance warning as to the start of a new season.

I only discovered the new series was airing by accident and have had to play catch up.

It really is a show of some quality, real entertainment, witty, droll and probably along with The Detectorists, one of the best television shows ever.

If you have not yet caught up with this the third series beware, switch off your iPhone and tablet, repress conversation for 25 minutes, listen and learn…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: If you took part in or enjoyed last year’s cycle charity bicycle ride then be prepared to get back on the saddle again.

This time the fund raising will be for Chiltington Major Recovery Ward at Worthing Hospital and will be along the new Littlehampton/Bognor cycle path, about 25 miles, on Sunday starting at 10am from Manor Car Park. Fancy dress is encouraged.

Andy is still in need of marshals and riders so call into Spokes Cycles, Beach Road, get a form and get pedaling.

I will see you along the way – only as a marshal of course, not too safe on a bicycle, bit wobbly!

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