West Sussex County Council should learn from other authorities following increase in council tax

Council tax bill
Council tax bill

Like me, many will have been outraged to read that West Sussex County Council’s leader Louise Goldsmith had announced an increase of 4.99 per cent in council tax for the coming year, the maximum increase they could implement without a Government penalty.

Not only that, we’ll have to find another £24 to fund Sussex Police. There was a substantial increase last year but have we seen any benefit for that?

There has been no increase in visible policing – for example, vehicle offences such as using a mobile, not wearing a seat belt or faulty lighting still go unchecked.

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Where does Mrs Goldsmith think we will find that extra cost from? She says ‘we hope for the best but must plan for the worst’ so what would she say is the best out of this latest substantial increase?

West Sussex doesn’t appear to be very efficient and is applying one of the highest increases again, so perhaps it could learn from other local authorities.

Its website, ‘Love West Sussex’, is a misnomer as I believe most people actually don’t think very highly of the county council but unfortunately there is no alternative.

It really isn’t good enough for Louise Goldsmith and her cronies to expect the taxpayers to keep putting up with these significant rises in council tax.

James Smith

Sackville Way, Broadwater


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