LETTER: Helpful and considerate

I can appreciate the recent comments about the problems associated with road closures for the half marathon.

I’ve only lived in Worthing for three years and for the last two have not been able to leave Marine Parade despite convoluted attempts so this year I sought advice.

I telephoned the police who although helpful could only refer me to the organisers of the marathon and gave me a number. I phoned and spoke to ‘Richard’ who was understanding. I explained that I needed to get to Goring and gave him the time and after a few minutes he came back to me, gave me a route and wished me well. We did have to move a few bollards but were met with helpful consideration en route and told that we were expected!

It’s quite a problem for the organisers but I’m grateful to ‘Richard’ for providing my solution.

Bruce Rhodes

Marine Parade, Worthing

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