Adur residents hope Secretary of State will consider negative effects of New Monks Farm IKEA on community

An artist's impression of how the new IKEA in Lancing could look
An artist's impression of how the new IKEA in Lancing could look

One can only hope that the delay by the Secretary of State in determining the New Monks Farm development and the proposed IKEA is because he is aware of the complexity of the scheme and the opposition to it.

More than 200 letters requesting a public re-examination of the scheme were submitted by environmental and community organisations and residents of Adur, Worthing and Brighton &Hove. More than 1,300 letters in opposition were received by Adur Council during the consultation period.

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This is contrary to the level of support claimed by the Greater Brighton Economic Board. It is hoped he is giving this due consideration. The financial viability of the scheme and the resulting economic benefit is questionable.

The development will put further strain on an infrastructure that lacks local school places, doctors surgeries, police and fire services, all of which are not being financially supported by the developer.

The over £5million of public money being granted for road improvements will not alleviate the congestion which the two-million extra traffic movements generated by the proposed IKEA will produce on the A27, adjoining streets such as Shoreham High Street and adjoining roads. The emissions from this traffic will further increase the already high levels of pollution recorded on these roads

Unemployment in Adur, 1.3 per cent of the population, is lower than the national average of 1.4 per cent. The employment opportunities that is necessary in the area is in high-skilled jobs. IKEA will not offer this.

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Scant regard has been paid to the residents of Withy Patch in relocating them from a site they have occupied for many years.

The hope is that the Secretary of State is taking his time to fully examine this scheme which has prompted overwhelming local opposition and highlights the divergence from the agreed Local Plan, the over-development of the area and the resulting negative effect on the lives of the Adur community.

It’s not the length of time taken that’s important. It’s the thorough examination of the scheme and coming to the right conclusion.

Geoff Hodgson

Ship Street, Shoreham

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