Planning applications submitted to Arun District Council

Planning applications
Planning applications

The following planning applications have been submitted to Arun District Council between June 14 and 21.

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Arun District Council website.


AL/53/19/HH: 32 St Richards Road, Westergate. Single storey rear extension.


LU/188/19/HH: 79 Belloc Road, Littlehampton. Single storey front extension, single storey rear extension, single storey side extension and porch to front.

AW/181/19/T: 2 Lichfield Gardens. Crown reduction by 4m to 2 No. Weeping Willow trees.

AW/187/19/T: 45 Craigweil Lane, Bognor Regis. Dismantle and fell to ground level 1 No. English Oak tree.

Bognor Regis

BR/171/19/HH: 4 Highcroft Crescent, Bognor Regis. Rear single storey extension.

East Preston

EP/67/19/HH: Kilve, Kingston Lane. Single storey side and rear extension with loft conversion and conversion of garage to habitable use.


FG/71/19/PO: Jenkins Yard, Glenbarrie Way. Application to remove planning obligation 8.3 on agreement dated 11/10/2010 (FG/23/10) relating to the installation of play equipment on public open space within the development.

FG/65/19/HH: 26 West Drive. Erect 5.5’ close board fence around our garden adjacent to Oval Waye & West Drive.

FG/68/19/HH: 4 Elverlands Close. Single storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory and a new dormer window to rear roof slope.


FP/129/19/HH: 43 Davenport Road. Proposed single storey extension to existing house.


LU/149/19/L: 41 Western Road. Application for Listed Building Consent to install boiler in the kitchen. Install shower room adjoining the cloakroom. Close wall opening between the lounge & dining room & replace front outdoor light fitting with new - This application may affect the character and appearance of Littlehampton Sea Front Conservation Area.

LU/184/19/HH: 14 Esher Drive. Single storey rear extension, single-storey front porch extension, and front-facing dormer roof extension and retrospective single storey detached outbuilding for use as studio/gym.

LU/187/19/CLE: Castleview Storage, Old Mead Road. Application for a lawful development certificate following grant of planning permission LU/131/18/PL for an existing development - confirmation that permission has been lawfully commenced.


P/55/19/HH: 97 Harbour View Road. Single storey side/rear extension and part conversion of garage to utility room.


R/139/19/: 8 Elm Farm Cottages, Old Manor Road. Fell 1 No. Douglas Fir tree.

R/136/19/HH: 84 North Lane. Two storey side extensions, new roof, single storey side extension, single storey front extension and single storey rear extension.

R/138/19/T: 8 Elm Farm Cottages, Old Manor Road. Crown reduction to previous prune points including lower branches of 1 - 1.2m to 1 No. Bay tree.


WA/48/19/RES: Land to the East of Fontwell Avenue, Fontwell Avenue, Fontwell. Approval for Reserved Matters following outline permission WA/22/15/OUT comprising 400 new homes (incl. affordable), 360sqm of retail space (A1 to A3), 152sqm of community space (D1 to D2 & including retention & refurbishment of 12sqm ‘old smithy’), demolition of remaining buildings to Arundel Road along with public open space, LEAP, MUGA, allotments, car & cycle parking, drainage & associated works - This site also lies within the parish of Barnham & Eastergate.

WA/53/19/HH: Berberis, London Road, Fontwell. To replace overhanging hedge with wooden fence and driveway gate.


Y/49/19/HH: Rilbrook House, Hoe Lane, Flansham. Demolition of existing garage and replacement with a new build garage.