Objections to ‘concrete-crushing plant’ in Yapton

Plans for a new  inert waste recycling facility by TJ Waste and Recycling at Northwood Farm, Yapton
Plans for a new inert waste recycling facility by TJ Waste and Recycling at Northwood Farm, Yapton

Plans for a ‘concrete-crushing plant’ in Yapton have received dozens of objections from angry residents.

TJ Waste and Recycling, which specialises in waste management and bulk haulage, already operates a materials recycling facility (MRF) at Northwood Farm off Burndell Road.

This handles construction and demolition/skip waste.

Now the company is seeking permission for a new inert waste recycling facility on land next to the existing MRF and has submitted an application to West Sussex County Council.

It would enable TJ to produce secondary aggregates from inert waste, which objectors have described as ‘concrete-crushing’.

The proposed development includes a new building to house the recycling operation.

Waste would either be directly delivered from construction sites or from the adjoining MRF.

The company had a similar facility at Portfield Quarry in Chichester but this site has now closed due to redevelopment meaning TJ has been searching for alternative premises.

Both Yapton and Clymping parish councils have objected to the application, arguing that the site is in the countryside, while the operations would increase traffic and have a negative effect on residents.

Their representations also suggested there are alternative locations nearby that would be more suitable.

Clymping’s consultation response said: “Whilst it is understandable that TJ Waste may feel the need for new capacity following the closure of their site in Chichester, the application provides an unconvincing justification for need for this facility in Arun district.”

The application has already attracted more than 80 objections.

They have raised concerns about an increase in traffic, dust pollution, noise and the site’s proximity to residential properties.

One resident wrote: “Currently Yapton is a rural residential village which will be transformed into an industrial site.”

Another added: “Yapton is a village, not an industrial town. We need to preserve open spaces and village life, not destroy it.”

Another objector wrote: “There would be more suitable locations where there would be less impact on both residents and the environment. If council is to develop areas with housing then businesses such as these need to be located in more remote areas.”

“I’m not happy with the environmental impact and negative health implications and extra traffic coming through our village. It appears we are just a dumping ground.”

But according to TJ’s application: “There is also a county need to provide a facility as there is currently a capacity gap.

“There are economic, social and environmental benefits to be achieved by operating the business from this site. This has been demonstrated by analysing the carbon emission savings and diverting waste from landfill disposal.

“The business will be regulated by the Environment Agency. The site can be operated without causing a nuisance or impacting the environment.”

To view the application or comment visit www.westsussex.gov.uk/planning using code WSCC/002/19/CM.