Littlehampton Town Council election result: Lib Dems are largest party


The Liberal Democrats are the largest party at Littlehampton Town Council after last week’s election.

With 15 seats up for election the party took nine.

Labour and the Conservatives took three seats each.


BEACH: Chris Blanchard-Cooper (Lib Dem) 902 ELECTED, Billy Blanchard-Cooper (Lib Dem) 807 ELECTED, David Gaskin (Con) 388, Robert Gowland (Lab) 152, Stephen Mcconnell (Lab) 153, Rachel Sadler (Lab) 156, James Walsh (Lib Dem) 968 ELECTED.

BROOKFIELD: Neil Campbell (Lab) 205, David Chace (Lib Dem) 725 ELECTED, Jeffrey Daws (Lab) 133, Joanne Price (Lib Dem) 711 ELECTED, Andrea Turner (Con) 439 ELECTED, Michael Warren (Con) 390, Christine Wiltshire (Lab) 187.

COURTWICK WITH TODDINGTON: Paul Graydon (Lib Dem) 293, Martine Howard (Lab) 298, Jill Long (Con) 405 ELECTED, Maralyn May (Lab) 316), Victoria Rhodes (Con) 439 ELECTED, Freddie Tandy (Lab) 324 ELECTED.

RIVER: Roy Amos (Con) 308, Helen Boiling (Ind) 355, Philip Booker (Con) 310, Ian Buckland (Lib Dem) 734 ELECTED, Sean Lee (Lab) 339, Bernadette Millam (Lab) 344, Michelle Molloy (Lib Dem) 605 ELECTED, George O’Neill (Lab) 389, Stella Porter (Con) 301, Emily Seex (Lib Dem) 631 ELECTED.

WICK: Tracey Baker (Lib Dem) 322 ELECTED, Alan Butcher (Lab) 142.

WICKBOURNE: Mike Northeast (Lab) 313 ELECTED, Anthony Squires (Lab) 348 ELECTED, Malcolm Taylor-Walsh (Lib Dem) 233.