Littlehampton toilet block branded an ‘horrific eyesore’

A councillor has called for something to be done about a delapidated toilet block in Wick.

Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 5:21 pm

Billy Blanchard-Cooper has called the Wick Street toilet block, which has been closed for five years, an ‘horrific eyesore’.

Mr Blanchard-Cooper has asked what the future of the old toilet block is, and also requested a clean-up of the site.

He said: “I have contacted Arun District Council on a number of occasions over the past years to ask for the site to be tidied, as with weeds growing up among temporary metal fencing it frankly looks an horrific eyesore.

Councillor Billy Blanchard Cooper thinks five years is enough time to have sorted out the public toilets in Wick, Littlehampton

“Attempts have been made to tidy the site, however it is my belief that five years is more than adequate to get on and decide what is happening with it.

“While I would of course favour reopening of these amenities, it would appear this is exceptionally unlikely amidst budget constraints, and if the site is to be sold for development than please get on and do it, so a builder can make this more attractive for those living there as well as contributing to our housing supply without taking any green space and creating some revenue for the council by way of sale of land and eventually council tax, rather than costing the taxpayer to have to have it tidied every few months.”

A spokesperson for Arun District Council said: “The Wick Street toilets are under review and may be recommended for disposal subject to a decision to be made by the Economic Committee.”