Italian Tony was well-loved in Littlehampton.

Italian Tony’s Last Ride: Mourners join procession for Littlehampton legend’s farewell

Mourners have joined a procession for Anthony ‘Italian Tony’ Molica-Franco as the Littlehampton legend was laid to rest today (April 26).

Monday, 26th April 2021, 5:41 pm

Tony was a familiar face around town, best known for cycling around on one of many bicycles and serenading passersby. As a tribute to Tony, mourners on bikes adorned with Italian flags joined his funeral cortege today from St Catherine’s Church, honking their horns and creating an incredible spectacle for one of the town’s most well-known residents. Read more about Tony’s life here: Littlehampton legend Italian Tony remembered – ‘he’s left a big hole in our hearts’.

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