Littlehampton’s Dolphin Hotel aiming to keep pub music alive with its Saturday Folk Club

The Duck Pond Sailors Picture: Mal Simms
The Duck Pond Sailors Picture: Mal Simms

No doubt about it, Littlehampton’s Dolphin Hotel is making a huge effort to keep pub music alive.

Landlady Ellie Boiling’s latest venture, the new Saturday Folk Club, kicked off last week and was a huge success, talented singers and musicians giving their all to a local group of quietly listening customers, their performances respected and, perhaps more to the point, enjoyed.

The playlist and performers were organised by local musician Mal Simms who himself gave us some fine tunes including a Bob Dylan favourite.

Clare Sullivan sang her own compositions to a lovely guitar and spliced in a number of popular numbers which, in my experience, always goes down well with an audience, familiarity does not always bring contempt. Gavin Fitzgerald sang to a guitar as did Trevor Clawson and Tim. Just like old times to a man of my years who once was a great folk club fan.

Perhaps the highlight of the evening for me was a guest appearance from The Duck Pond Sailors, noisily rousting, sometimes a little bit cheeky and always great fun. They look the part but I doubt any one of the group has ever sailed before a mast of any kind.

The next session will be on the afternoon of November 3. I hope that henceforth it will return to this Saturday evening spot.


ARUNDEL offers just about every manner of cuisine you can think of and now, the Knights Table, fitting nicely into its historical background, even the wall paper is matched by the castle wall viewed from the bar area window, is a welcome addition.

A new restaurant with a lavish medieval theme. With its banqueting tables for the many, intimate areas for the few, staff dressed to suit, not in armour of course, fine ale and best of all, prices that are not unattractive when compared to some eateries in our area. Think of it, an old English sausage and bean pottage, one of my favourites, for only £13.

Owners Anita and James Thompson run the popular pub The George at Eartham so they are tried, tested and true in bringing the best to their customers. I am very much looking forward to that sausage and a pint of real ale or, maybe, a lamb shank and glass of mead.


I HAVE raved in the past about Ben Elton’s Upstart Crow and probably will again. Apart from anything else, it is a great way to introduce the bard to school children or adults who wish to learn more.

Last week I watched the final episode in the current series – I hope it is to be renewed – and was inspired and stirred and brought from laughter to tears by the bard as he mused to himself in the perfect voice of David Mitchell, sitting silently by the fireside with pipe and wife, on the passing of their only son: “Grief fills the room up of my absent child. Lies in his bed, walks up and down with me. Puts on his pretty looks, repeats his words. Remembers me of all his gracious parts. Stuffs out his vacant garments with his form. Then, have I reason to be fond of grief.”

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