Littlehampton Bonfire: what you need to know

Littlehampton's annual bonfire celebrations are taking place tomorrow. Here's what you need to know.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 1:30 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 1:45 pm
The bonfire being built on East Green in Littlehampton ahead of the 2018 bonfire celebrations. Picture: Steve Robards

Members of the Littlehampton Bonfire Society are putting the finishing touches to preparations for its annual bonfire on East Green along Littlehampton seafront.After months of planning, promotion and appealing for volunteers, Saturday’s bonanza is almost ready to go with the message of ‘celebrate safely’.Sue Baker, from the Littlehampton Bonfire Society, said: “The committee would like to thank everyone who came forward following our various appeals for help. We couldn’t be putting on the event without them.”

(The time lapse video was taken ahead of last year's event.)

What is happening?Members of the society will be in Littlehampton, in costume, selling programmes in the morning.Littlehampton Baptist Church in Fitzalan Road will be hosting children’s fancy address in the afternoon, followed by a war memorial service at dinnertime.

The bonfire being built on East Green in Littlehampton ahead of the 2018 bonfire celebrations. Picture: Steve Robards

Afterwards, members will parade from Maltravers Social Club with unlit torches. The plan is then to judge floats for the parade, before setting off at around 7pm. The grand torchlight parade follows will then travel through the town to the ready-lit bonfire on East Green.

For exact timings, people can purchase a programme from the bonfire society. Visit for programme stockists.

Road closures

Maltravers Road, Fitzalan Road (south from East Street junction), Maltravers Driveo Parking Prohibition from 12 noon to 11pmo Road Closure from 4.30pm to 11pm

ï‚· Granville Road, Selborne Road (from Granville Road to St Winefrides Roadjunctions), St Winefrides Road, Church Street, Manor Parade, Beach Road(from East Street junction to the war memorial), St Catherine’s Road,South Terrace (east from junction with St Catherine’s Road), NorfolkRoad (from South Terrace to Sea Road), Sea Rd (from Norfolk Road toswimming centre)o Parking Prohibition from 4pm to 10.30pmo Road Closure from 7pm to 10.30pm

ï‚· St Flora’s Rd (from junction with Parkside Avenue to Sportsmanroundabout), Berry Lane (junction with St Flora’s Rd to junction withThe Winter Knoll)o Parking Prohibition St Flora’s Road (25 metres either side ofjunction with Parkside Avenue) from 4pm to 9.15pmo Parking Prohibition Berry Lane (25 metres east of junctionwith The Winter Knoll to 25 metres west of junction withSouthway) from 4pm to 9.15pmo Road Closure from 7pm to 9.15pmï‚· Beach Road (south of junction with Maltravers Road)o Parking Prohibition from 12 noon to 11pmo Road Closure from 3pm to 11pm

ï‚· East Street (from junction with Anchor Springs to junction with HighStreet)o No Parking Prohibitiono Road Closure from 7pm to 10.30pm

How can I get involved?

The society want to beat their record for the most money raised at a bonfire event, which they broke last year when they raised more than £10,000 for the first time.

Sue Baker said any volunteers over the age of 16 who have not been asked to marshal can get involved by carrying a collection bucket.

She said: "Anyone interested in helping with the collection please turn up to the Baptist church next to the library from 9am Saturday."

Safety notices

Here are some notices from the society:

AlcoholPlease do not bring any alcohol with you as the whole of the event takes place within the alcohol exclusion zone. The police may confiscate and dispose of it.

Don’t play with fireworksDo not set off fireworks in the street. It is both dangerous and illegal, and carries a £5,000 fine. Do not bring sparklers - they can be dangerous in a crowded environment.

Don’t pick up torchesKeep away from discarded torches, they may still be hot. Do not attempt to pick up discarded torches - they have been put down because they are no longer safe to hold.Do not place litter in the water butts which are for extinguishing torches. Keep clear ofthe rear of the processions to allow the marshals to pick up the discarded torches. Keepwindows along the procession routes closed to avoid the risk of fire from flying embers.

Keep behind barriersKeep out of the bonfire, fireworks and float dispersal safety areas. Keep on the pavements as the processions pass, and behind the crowd barriers which you will find at certain points along the procession route. Do not allow children to sit on the kerb, or push prams or pushchairs into the road while the procession is passing by. If you haven’t got a good view of the procession, move to a less densely crowded part of the route. Do not attempt to walk on or cross the road while the processions are passing by. Wear suitable non-flammable clothing. Do not shine any laser beams directly at participants or members of the crowd – it is extremely dangerous to do so.

ChildrenLost children will be taken to St John Ambulance Mobile Base in Banjo Road.

First aidA St John Ambulance first aid point will be located in Banjo Road on the seafront. St John Ambulance personnel will also be found in the processions and along theprocession routes.

In an emergencyIn the event of an emergency you are asked to quickly respond to directions given by marshals and / or the emergency services. Be aware of the knee rail fence around theperimeter of The Green, especially if The Green has to be evacuated in an emergency.