Inspectors are spot-checking businesses in Arun for Covid measures

Businesses in Arun are being spot-checked by inspectors to make sure their Covid measures are up to scratch.

Monday, 7th December 2020, 2:47 pm

Arun District Council said it was working with the Health and Safety Executive to make sure businesses were following the law.

It was carrying out checks and would take ‘immediate action’ if a business was not Covid-secure, from advice and enforcement notices to stopping work practices and prosecution, the council said.

A council spokesman said inspectors were finding common issues, like failing to provide arrangements for monitoring, supervising and maintaining social distancing, and inadequate cleaning regimes particularly at busy times of the day.


Matt Stanley, Arun cabinet member for technical services, said: “All businesses are in scope for spot checks which means businesses of any size, in any sector can receive an unannounced check to ensure they are COVID-secure.

“By making sure that businesses have measures in place to manage the risks, we can benefit the health of the local community as well as support the local and national UK economy.”

Arun said it was also ‘working alongside public health authorities to support the understanding of any patterns in confirmed coronavirus cases in the area’.