US bluegrass band Front Country play Chidham Village Hall

Front Country
Front Country

Two years after moving from San Francisco to Nashville, US bluegrass band Front Country return to West Sussex for a concert at Chidham Village Hall on Saturday, September 7.

Promoter Mark Ringwood said: “The former Bay-based five-piece band made the move due to the encouragement of the Bluegrass community who were copying several of their songs and felt they would be more at home in the acknowledged country capital of the world.

“WemsFest originally brought the band to Tuppenny Barn about five years ago, and three years ago they played Emsworth Baptist Church. What sets them apart from other bluegrass bands is their willingness to combine their own great material with that by other songwriters such as Don Henley’s Boys of Summer and, very successfully, King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man.

“Their lead singer Melody Walker is one of the most charismatic performers ever to front a Bluegrass band and definitely puts the blues into bluegrass. Front Country’s Chidham show was originally scheduled for Sunday, September 8 but has been brought forward 24 hours so that they can open for another great bluegrass band Asleep At The Wheel at a festival up north.

“Front Country take to the stage at 8pm and a sell-out is expected. Tickets from and Bookends (Emsworth).”

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