One-man King Lear heads to Brighton

Oddbodies KING LEAR
Oddbodies KING LEAR

A one-man King Lear will premiere at this year’s Brighton Fringe.

Spokeswoman Tanya Morel said: “Armed with only a drum, a guitar, a knife and a chair, this inventive, irreverent and highly-accessible one-man adaptation is presented to you from the point of view of Lear’s long-suffering and ever-loyal fool.

"The bastard Edmund, haughty Goneril, poor deluded Gloucester, oily Oswald, sweet Cordelia, mad Tom, all the characters from this sad and sorry tale are brought to glorious life in a fast-paced, funny, poignant and ultimately-heartbreaking production.

"Adapted and performed by Paul Morel and directed by John Mowat with all of Oddbodies’ trademark physical ingenuity and visual flair, this is an unmissable reworking of one of Shakespeare’s most brilliant plays.”

It will be at The Warren: The Blockhouse, Victoria Gardens, Brighton on Friday, May 10 at 4.15pm and Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12 at 6pm.

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