Leo Sayer on fabulous form for a great concert in Portsmouth

Leo Sayer
Leo Sayer

REVIEW: Leo Sayer: Just A Boy At 70, New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

The songs are great. They really are.

But it’s the overall package that makes a Leo Sayer concert such a supremely enjoyable night out.

It’s difficult to think of anyone who so positively fizzes with the sheer joy of performance quite as much as Leo does – or of anyone who so effortlessly and so easily builds such a great rapport with his audience.

Feed in songs of the quality that Leo Sayer writes and sings, and the result is memorable indeed – a couple of hours in the company of a true entertainer in the broadest sense, witty, irreverent, hugely energetic and hugely skilled.

He comes across as so immensely likeable, taking nothing terribly seriously – apart from the music which is delivered brilliantly – delivered along with oodles of nostalgia for those of us old enough to remember it all from the first time round.

All the hits were there including Thunder In My Heart, Moonlighting, One Man Band, I Can’t Stop Loving You, More Than I Can Say, Have You Ever Been in Love, When I Need You and You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.

And on the back of them Leo slipped in some newer numbers which were equally enjoyable.

The tour comes as part of his 70th birthday celebrations – celebrations which have gone on so long that he turned 71 just a couple of days before his Portsmouth gig. Long may he continue. The man’s a tonic.