Chichester College students show their work at Chichester's Oxmarket Gallery

Rory Boughton
Rory Boughton

Chichester College art and design students are exhibiting in the city’s city Oxmarket Gallery until Sunday, February 9.

They promise an eclectic range of projects, from all areas of the department, including paintings, modern art, sculpture, textile and digital media.

Andrew Davies, head of learning for creative & performing arts at Chichester College, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students, who are gaining so much experience and exposure by holding their own exhibition in such a sought-after location. As well as showcasing their talent, they are also actively involved in the development of the exhibition – including selecting and hanging their work. They will also be able to find out more about how a gallery operates, giving them valuable work experience. We have already been delighted with the feedback we have been getting, which has been fantastic.”

Rory Boughton, a graphics and photography student, is among those whose work is on display at the exhibition:“It’s pretty cool to see my work displayed at a gallery like this. You see a lot of art on show and it’s nice to be able to see your own here as well.”

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