Robin’s new carol for Christmas

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Barnham-based songwriter/composer/producer Robin Mayhew will be hoping to get the world singing his modern Christmas carol this Christmas.

Robin is urging people simply to google The Age Old Reason for Joy or to google its karaoke version if they want to do more than just sing along.

Robin Mayhew who has penned a carol for Christmas.''C121618-2 Ent Robin Mayhew  Photo Louise Adams SUS-140312-121613003

Robin Mayhew who has penned a carol for Christmas.''C121618-2 Ent Robin Mayhew Photo Louise Adams SUS-140312-121613003

He is offering it all for free, with everything you could possibly need available from his website (, all part of Robin’s bid to put the Christ-mas back in Christmas.

“I wrote it because I became so disenchanted – and still am – with the commercialisation of Christmas and that rarely is there a mention of Jesus Christ who the Christian majority believe is the reason to celebrate it in the first place. I have had a few arguments that Christmas is a pagan festival, but I pooh-pooh that. I like to have a date and a belief in something. Christmas is a wonderful time for friends and family, but I felt its essence was being lost.”

Hence his modern carol with modern words – and no reference to shepherds.

“I was enchanted BBC Songs of Praise have sent me an email saying they have included the score on their music database. That does not mean they will play it, but it means they might!

“In the carol, I am saying that Jesus Christ arrived at Christmastime, and that’s the reason we celebrate it because he came to give us a chance...”

Robin believes a number of music and choral societies up and down the country are planning to perform the carol, but he is hoping its Youtube and downloadable versions will open it up to as many people as possible.

“The whole ethos behind it is to reignite the whole meaning of Christmas. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t go about praying all day, but I do have a faith and I do have a God, and I just want people to click back into what Christmas is really all about.

“Robin offers a direct link to the dedicated page on his website – – where everything you need to enjoy the new Christmas song can be downloaded.

“The karaoke invitation now features, as well as everything for learning and performance being available as free downloads.”

Robin has enjoyed a distinguished career in music, including working as a sound engineer with many 70s artists including Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople, David Essex, Blondie and The Stranglers.