DVD review: War Pigs (6 out of 10)

Luke Goss in War Pigs
Luke Goss in War Pigs

Back in the 1960s and 70s there were quite a few second world war films that followed a simple formula.

A group of soldiers go off on a mission, kill lots of Germans and successfully accomplish whatever they had set out to do.

In among these, of course, there were other movies that stepped away from the tried and trusted track and proved more popular because of this.

However, War Pigs pretty much falls into the first camp.

But it’s so long since we’ve had a film of this kind, it’s rather novel.

The War Pigs are a group of fairly unruly American soldiers who are sent behind enemy lines for a daring mission.

The pleasant surprises in the movie, though are the two main stars.

Luke Goss seems to have mastered an American accent as he plays Captain Jack Wosick, a man with a murky past.

Dolph Lundgren is Captain Hans Picault, a French resistance fighter assigned to the US forces.

Both are good in their roles and hold the whole project together.

The initial ‘bonding’ of the troops tends to drag rather and Mickey Rourke’s character Major A.J. Redding is a bit too over the top.

But there’s enough action and character to keep most people entertained.

Film details: War Pigs (15) 88mins

Director: Ryan Little

Starring: Luke Goss, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke