Charting a remarkable recovery from drug addiction

Work by Antonia
Work by Antonia

Artist Antonia Rolls is staging a new Bognor Regis exhibition called The Brighter The Light, paintings and words on partying, drugs and addiction.

She explains: “It is an exhibition of a mother witnessing a son's descent into drug addiction and the chaos, madness and despair that it entails. My son was addicted to Oxycontin, like so many, and is now clean and rebuilding his life. That in itself is a total miracle, and not expected. Thank heavens, though.

“He is working on this exhibition with me. I have painted some very hard-hitting images and he is brave to allow me to do this. It may be part of the healing for both of us.

“I hope to exhibit what I have put together for this first showing, with a plan to work with other people and their stories of addiction – their own or someone else's.

“The project, the exhibition, will grow with each showing as I hope to tell more stories of addiction. This subject is so rife, so terrible and my eyes are opened not only to the well-known and well-documented appalling behaviour of addicts, but to the punitive, poor and ineffective services our society seems to offer. I have no answers, and this exhibition is a witness to a journey, both mine and my son's.”

The exhibition runs from August 23 to 28 at Waltham House Arts and Wellness, Town Cross Avenue, Bognor. Open 12-8pm, entrance free.

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