Arthur Smith will help Havant audiences navigate stress and strains of modern life

That Parking Show
That Parking Show

Havant’s Spring Arts & Heritage Centre curates a special event to recognise the stress and strains of modern life.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Oldfield said: “The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre continues to build on its reputation for curating original and thought-provoking events with a Saturday evening examining the stresses and strains of modern life.

“Top British comedian Arthur Smith, Britain’s favourite grumpy old man, headlines Modern Life Is Rubbish, on Saturday May 11, a special evening with three shows designed to help audiences laugh at and reflect on all those things that stress us out.

“Kicking off with Tensile Strength (Or How To Survive At Your Wit’s End), which questions the causes of stress and how to deal with it before stress turns sinister. Tensile Strength is a theatre performance about the society in which we live. Performer and writer Holly Gallagher has some urgent questions for a society which just does not seem able to relax.

F”ollowing Holly’s performance, Tangled Feet will be creating chaos in the car park. Audiences will enjoy an outdoor performance featuring some very clever slapstick fun in “That Parking Show, where two cars and their occupants fight for a single space. But behind the outrageous fun and laughter, That Parking Show explores how our anger over the small things blinds us to life’s larger realities.

T”hen it’s back into the theatre for a stand-up gig of anecdotes, sublime silliness, poems and songs with Arthur Smith. The star of TV’s Grumpy Old Men, QI and Have I Got News For You shares all that’s frustrating about the world.

“Modern Life is Rubbish is part of The Spring’s unique Beyond the Stage programme, which takes a sideways look at subjects that affect lots of audiences.”

Sophie Fullerlove, director of The Spring, curated the themed evening around the stresses of 21st century life after she commissioned That Parking Show.

Sophie said: “I love the idea that this show reflects back at the audience how pent up and stressed we can all get at small, insignificant issues,” she said. “Tensile Strength was a good theatre performance to accompany this as it takes a more serious look at stress, and “grumpy old man” Arthur Smith seemed like a logical choice to headline the evening, taking the idea of stress and exasperation one step further.”

Sophie added: “We all get het up about things that don’t really matter and while some are battling more serious stress we all need to take time out to put things in perspective. I hope that’s what Modern Life is Rubbish gives our audiences the chance to do.”

Modern Life Is Rubbish is on Saturday May 11, from 7pm.

All-inclusive tickets are £25 (£15 for concessions)

• Tensile Strength (Or How to Survive At Your Wit’s End) in the theatre 7pm to 8pm. Tickets cost £12 for this performance only.

• That Parking Show in the car park 8.15pm to 8.45pm. Tickets are free for this performance only.

• Arthur Smith in the theatre 9.15pm to 10.45pm. Tickets are priced at £20 for this performance only.

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