Worthing A27 bypass: On-line options will cause traffic chaos

A27 Worthing
A27 Worthing

On the Today programme (Radio 4) on Tuesday, December 3, Chris Grayling was talking about HS2.

He said: “If you have a busy road going through a busy town, you have a bypass.”

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He used this sound reasoning to help justify HS2.

Let’s hope he also uses it to justify a bypass for Worthing/Lancing.

Tim Loughton, in his latest, e-newsletter dismisses the building of a tunnel to provide a bypass as too expensive.

However, Highways England have costed a dual carriageway bypass along the route of the A283/A24/A280 to be 20 per cent of the cost of a tunnel.

I would like Mr Loughton to discuss the pros and cons of this option. His favoured options are on-line.

Meaningful on-line construction of our stretch of the A27 would very likely involve closure/obstruction of the A27 leading to traffic delays for many months.

The recent accidents involving the Worthing and Lancing stretch of the A27 caused chaos on the other roads and severe congestion in the town centre.

Any on-line options for the A27 will affect not just local residents but all residents of Worthing and Adur.

Martyn Hinchcliffe

Chairman, Offington Park Residents’ Association, Alford Close, Worthing


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