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Your letters

In September last year, Persimmon Homes set out the details in its North Littlehampton masterplan to build 1,300 dwellings, plus the infrastructure, for community inspection.

The exhibition concerned that area between the railway line and the Black Ditch flood plain boundary.

These consultations are now followed up with a Development Framework Document which appears not to incorporate much variation from the original context of that public exhibition. Architects and experts drawn from Persimmons’ headquarters in Leeds have determined a strategic division of the site into three ‘overarching zones, in order to progress delivery by 2026.

The housing patterns are formulated to ‘respond’ to the grid-like form of the now defunct ‘glasshouse history’ of the area. Seemingly, the character of the units is, in the main, to reflect the faraway seafront appearance of Littlehampton. This development will no doubt generate activity dependent on private transport, but off-street parking has been strictly limited by the West Sussex parking calculator.

We learn that the county council has limited the developer’s proposed parking provision to similar level as on new estates elsewhere. Unfortunately, local experience shows the growth of car ownership can only repeat the problems of street garaging presently being experienced in nearby places.

The more critical aspect of the submission is within its highway programme. Construction is not to commence until early 2016 or finish before 2018. The only control is a 350-dwelling ‘occupation’ monitor which is close to one-third of the total provision, and is not a subject for the northern element of the Lyminster bypass.

The residents of either Toddington or Lyminster, particularly those in Toddington Lane and Mill Lane, will not be pleased to find the county highway authority is complicit in this state of affairs.

Derek Hulmes, Littlehampton town councillor

Kingfisher Drive


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