Wasted years

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Your letters

How many people today value identifiable villages, towns, and countryside, with a culture having historical continuity, and a balanced natural world safe for future generations, while abhorring conurbations and a society based on the Gross Domestic Product?

If they do, then it is difficult to see how any political party other than UKIP can be supported, as the best of a bad job.

Open borders in Europe is a ruse to create a unitary state, or archaic thinking. It suits a past world, in which few people could migrate.

And, when large scale migration began, caused immense destruction, and still does today.

People have to be aided in their own countries, and democracy insisted on, with employment provided by investment in those countries.

We have wasted 50 years since rebuilding after the Second World war.

R. W. Standing

Sea Road

East Preston

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