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The serious road traffic collision on Tuesday, October 21, on the A284 Lyminster Road (Gazette, October 23) identifies a problem that is no doubt suffered by many residents in this area.

Forgotten Link campaigner Jane Vening calls for a speed restriction on the road and also highlights the danger that residents face when turning into and out of their driveways. I am sure that residents of other roads will have much sympathy with her observation.

Nigel Peters, the Arun and Wick county councillor, opined that motorists, aware that they would be held up by heavy traffic on their journeys, saw a clear stretch of road, just went mad and accelerated to make up the time. He went on to explain that West Sussex County Council was seeking to impose a 40 miles per hour limit in March next year.

The same situation prevails in Station Road, Angmering, and is particularly bad on the short stretch of road between The Thatchway and Mill Road. This is despite the road’s 30 miles per hour restriction. A significant number of motorists, particularly those heading south towards Littlehampton, are driving well in excess of that limit, even when traversing the 20 miles per hour zone in the centre of Angmering.

The net result is that residents are exposed to danger on both entering and exiting their driveways. The sounding of car horns and aggressive driving behaviour is a daily problem. Those on foot, including significant numbers of schoolchildren at certain times, are particularly vulnerable on the very narrow footpath opposite the entrance to North Drive, as cars speed past within inches of them.

My point is that reducing the speed limit on Lyminster Road to 40 miles per hour may well be a good idea, but will work only if measures are taken to enforce it. On Station Road, even trying to stick to the limit while driving along it, means that the car behind will frequently tailgate.

If the police do not have the resources, then alternative measures need to be taken. As much as I dislike speed cameras and road cushions, they would appear to be the only way to slow the traffic to a safer speed.

Aidan Thorne

Station Road


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