Train delays to Shoreham make Britain feel like a ‘third world country’

Once again, the steam has built to the point where a letter to the editor just has to be sent.

Last Monday, my daughter caught a train from London Victoria with her Scottish terrier and a heavy rucksack, destination Shoreham.

Rail delays

Rail delays

I was really looking forward to their visit.

Her regular updates showed her train getting later and later and good old Southern did what they invariably do when they run very late and stopped the train at Haywards Heath, chucking off all the passengers without the slightest concern. She then had to pick up a train to Brighton and from there another to Shoreham, arriving over an hour late.

It feels like we are in a third world country, despite having the richest financial capital in the world.

Frank Jones

Saltings Way, Upper Beeding


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