Time they left us

Your letters
Your letters

Well, after all the hullaballoo, headlines and pictures of the new Pier Road (Gazette, March 12), my wife and I decided on Sunday to go and have a look at it. Oh deary me.

A lot of it was still unfinished and, therefore, blocked off.

Furthermore, even though there had been no work to the actual pier end, and so no more danger to pedestrians than normal, some bright spark from the ‘considerate constructors’ had blocked off the entry from the beach with metal fencing. Why? Not very considerate, really.

Well, they weren’t clever enough! Just a gentle nudge (I am in my 70s) and the fencing was ever so gently eased away to give a 2ft gap for my wife and I to safely access the actual pier. Ha, ha.

At the very end of the pier, it was fascinating to watch the incoming waves in conflict with the out-rushing tide in the river. Very elemental indeed.

Just when will the contractors finally be gone?

Colin Maroney

Highfield Gardens


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