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The incinerator plant at Ford must be built (Gazette front page story, October 9).

No doubt that ‘the government’ will apply conditions and guidance, but Britain needs several more waste disposal facilities such as this, and taking efficient benefit from the heat generated. The material to be burnt would generate a similar amount of methane, etc to the atmosphere over a long period as it breaks down in a landfill site, so we are much better off using it, concentrated, to good purpose, immediately. New science and construction methods, and regulation, make it a very acceptable prospect.

There are already two hi-tech waste facilities close by and Ford could be a splendid demonstration, recognised worldwide, of what can be done by way of an integrated, comprehensive facility, and West Sussex would be justifiably proud to host it and use it. The whole airfield is a mostly disused industrial site and too long overdue for future-looking new purpose and would spare other, even more contentious sites from building development.

It must, however, be part of a long term, fully thought out and funded, credible, regional development plan, admittedly something Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council, and indeed the Government, have yet to show they can produce.

The Ford Eco-Town proposal can now be revived. The previous proposal was correctly squashed – it wasn’t nearly enough far-seeing and futuristic in its eco credentials – but a new proposal wherein, among other things, the housing and infrastructure are heated and powered by output from the incinerator plant, burning its own rubbish, on the spot, would give a very proper justification.

It should not be too hard for Yapton and Arundel to take hot water from the plant, too. We might even get the Arundel bypass ‘problem’ sorted on the back of it of it!

Objection to the stainless steel chimney is silly – it should be regarded instead as an equivalent to Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower and the landmark to the site. I suppose that some locals objected with similar reasoning to the spire on Arundel Cathedral when it was first built!

John Morris

Maltravers Drive


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