So much to lose

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Your letters

We are on a self-imposed treadmill of destruction.

This country has a long tradition that opposing sides should talk and come to a middle of the road compromise – rather apt for the A27 and Lyminster bypasses, housebuilding and development generally.

But compromise is only valid where it is not continually repeated in one direction, such as the irreparable loss of the natural world. Planning since 1929, has been nothing other than a creeping urbanisation, and consequent loss of future choice.

It is now impossible for road bridges to be built over the railway in places originally proposed. The A259 has an impossible bottleneck through to Wick. A sensible Lyminster bypass north to the A27, and the A27 bypass through Binsted will be ruinous. Lyminster itself will soon disappear into the urban jungle.

Our splendid politicians need to start thinking about their constant call for growth. Our world has lost half its animal and other wildlife in my lifetime, so where is growth there?

A sensible future is about scientific progress, and not getting fat.

R. W. Standing

Sea Road

East Preston

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