Shoreham’s Pond Road site will provide essential services for the community

Burrscroft in Pond Road, Shoreham. Photo: Google Images
Burrscroft in Pond Road, Shoreham. Photo: Google Images

Councillor Debs Stainforth suggests that the land at Pond Road is gifted to a community land trust to build homes which could be offered for shared equity and outright sale or for affordable rental (letters, last week).

First, this would realise a huge loss of value for West Sussex County Council, which has recently had to set a very challenging budget to meet the requirements of children, their families and older people who require assistance and care as well as money to maintain our roads.

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Secondly, her suggestion would mean the closure of Shoreham Library. West Sussex County Council has an exciting programme to protect libraries as they provide important services to the community and also to redesign the library facilities to provide children’s centres and other services so that the library continues to be a key community hub in the centre of our town.

Cllr Stainforth is also incorrect in respect of councils not being able to borrow to provide council homes. The Government has recently lifted that cap and Adur District Council has approved exciting plans to provide council housing on the site of the old Cecil Norris House; the first new council houses to be built for more than 30 years.

In order to optimise the value of the whole of Pond Road for all of the community West Sussex County Council, Adur District Council, the clinical commissioning group and the NHS have agreed to work together to develop a joint scheme for the site.

This will include the provision of a modern doctor’s practice to meet the needs of Shoreham, including the new development in the Adur Local Plan and Shoreham Harbour, and also a new library and community hub providing a range of accessible services in the centre of our town.

Cllr Kevin Boram

Conservative member for Shoreham South,

West Sussex County Council,

Upper Shoreham Road,


Vacant Shoreham building to be demolished as joint scheme to transform site begins


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