Shoreham’s Adur Civic Centre site could ease housing crisis

The Adur Civic Centre was demolished in 2017
The Adur Civic Centre was demolished in 2017

I understand that the old Adur Civic Centre in Ham Road, Shoreham, is up for development, so I took a look at the marketing brochure for developers.

Presumably Adur District Council have paid a pretty penny for this. It is a shame that this didn’t include the work of proofreading it.

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The distance of the site from Shoreham station is variously described as 300m and 400m and states in two different places that a capital receipt and ongoing income stream for the council is both preferred and will be considered. Which one is it?

So, the council has already made a decision – the land is to be sold freehold with vacant possession. Publicly owned land, cleared and made ready for development by public money is not even going to be considered for a new generation of public housing to help the hundreds of key workers and almost 1,000 families on the council waiting list that live and work in Adur.

This is scandalous abdication of the council’s duty to care for the residents of Adur. The council hasn’t built any truly affordable homes with safe, long-term tenures for over 30 years.

There is a dearth of land in Adur for building social housing, the restrictions on council borrowing to build were lifted in the autumn budget and many councils are getting around the right-to-buy clause by setting up their own community interest companies.

Brighton & Hove council has done this and is building high-spec, beautifully designed homes which are being rented at as little as 35 per cent of the market rate.

Imagine what something similar would mean to young and old alike who impacted by the current housing crisis.

Come on, Adur, you can borrow £8million to build an office block and millions more to speculate in commercial real estate. Don’t let sell our land for yet another bland development. Put your residents’ needs first.

Sue Johnston

John Street, Shoreham


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