Shoreham footpath is no cycle track

It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt while using the footpath along the riverbank by the houseboats or on the pavement that runs from the footpath up to the footbridge.

Cyclists are now using these paths as a cycle track and ride along them at speed, often with their head down barely looking where they are going.

This is especially dangerous after dark when they see the pedestrian in front of them at the very last second and swerve to avoid a collision.

This behaviour has become much more frequent since the new bridge was opened.

Apparently the footpath is the responsibility of the highways department at the county council in Chichester and I have asked them to put up some no cycling signs since it is designated as a footpath and is clearly too narrow to be used safely as a cycle track.

They said that they couldn’t afford to purchase the signs but actually it also became clear in their correspondence with me that they had absolutely no interest in bikes on footpaths or the safety of pedestrians in Shoreham!

If anyone else would like to try to gain their attention, their email address is

Michael Chandler

River Close