Shocked at state of Brooklands Park in Worthing after visit

Further to correspondence in last week’s letters (August 2), we made a trip to Brooklands Park with our grand-daughter on Sunday (August 5) and were shocked by the state of the place.

The café is gone, the boats are no longer there, paddling pool is gone and the pitch and putt layout is in ruins.

Brooklands Park in Worthing. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

Brooklands Park in Worthing. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

Investigations into the cause of ‘electrical shocks’ in the pond at Brooklands golf course are continuing after two dogs were shocked over the weekend.


I actually tripped over debris left lying around there.

The cheerful train driver (a very nice ride) told us that the train is being taken off at the end of September.

Inside the soft-play area, which our grand-daughter and the other children in there loved, we were told that was also being demolished in September. What a shame.

Why hasn’t the council kept it up?

We had to pay to park the car so can’t that money be used?

It could be a lovely facility for families and somewhere to take the children in the holidays or weekends. Why has it been allowed to run down like that?

Jackie Harris, Lindum Road, West Worthing


The fire service was called in to combat fish deaths in Brooklands Lake recently, and Rampion is completing final construction activities with the installation of an additional west export cable which makes landfall at Brooklands.

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