Sane to sanitise

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Your letters

Further to Mildred Peters’ letter (Gazette, March 12), I don’t think that the supermarkets sanitise the handles of shopping trolleys, and she is right insofar as this is a probable transfer of germs and bacteria.

I have recently returned from Cape Town and in the supermarket we used, beside the shopping trolleys, there was a dispenser with antiseptic wet wipes on a roll so one could wipe the handles of the trolley before use.

Nearly everyone I saw took advantage of this for peace of mind. This was not a high end supermarket but the local ‘Pick and Pay’.

I don’t suppose that the supermarkets will supply this, so in the meantime, my wife carries an anti-bacterial hand gel which requires one squirt, just like the dispensers in hospitals.

Steve Stone

Oakcroft Gardens


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