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Your letters

I refer to E. Benham’s letter, ‘Charity at home’ (Gazette, December 4), in which he writes about charities pleading for a regular donation.

I, too, receive numerous requests for charitable donations, sometimes two or three pushed through my letterbox every day.

I have always given to charity, especially animal charities and, as such, I support Blue Cross and several other animal charities.

Mr Benham refers to the money spent on postage when charities send out these appeals, and on the items that are often inside the envelope which, as he says, are there to entice you.

I, too, am a pensioner living on modest pensions and have always given money for charitable causes, especially animal causes. It amazes me how the charities seem to know all about me, and I must conclude that they collude with each other.

Without meaning to be rude, they act like robots and I am sure the computer churns out these requests, which must give profitable results for these charities seeking our money.

Seeing that it’s Christmas, I wish everybody a happy Christmas and trust that money given to charities is spent in a wise and useful way.

G. A. Harris

Armada Way

Beaumont Park


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