Rising bus and train fares are an ‘insult to society’

Southern rail
Southern rail

I fundamentally believe the bus prices for all bus companies need to be made lower for the general public.

Furthermore, the traffic on the road would have least traffic congestion, for example people driving cars. This will also improve air pollution on our roads.

Those who are able to 
cycle should, instead of driving cars. Fundamentally, it is a joke that rail commuters face an increase of up to 3.2 per cent in the cost of season tickets next year.

Incidentally, Brighton is among the worst affected, with annual passes to London set to rise by £150 to £4,846.

Furthermore, the British public find the fares increase an insult to society.

It is about time the railways were brought back to public ownership so the passengers benefit from it, not private profits.

Gavin Muggeridge

Millfield, Sompting


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