Riding to rescue

Your letters
Your letters

I’d just like to express my sincere thanks to all the people who came to my rescue when I had a serious cycle accident off Beach Road, on Thursday, February 26.

I only know a few names, the gentleman who first came to my aid – he had a foreign accent, possibly Polish – a Welsh lady, who was visiting the town for the first time and told me how wonderful she thought Littlehampton was, she had an uncommon name which could have been Andrea but now I can’t remember.

Then there were the two police officers, who not only attended but took my shopping and cycle back to my neighbours Adrian and Judy, the ambulancemen, Tim and Ken, I think, who pumped me full of morphine, laughing gas and liquid paracetamol till I was high as a kite but still screaming the house down (my shoulder was dislocated, so painkillers have no effect, apparently).

At the hospital, there was the Filipino nurse Evelyn, who first attended me, Dr Livingston (yes he’s heard all the jokes) and ‘Alan’, I think, a senior nurse, 27 years at Worthing Hospital – I suggest they let him have a day off, for knocking me out and resetting my dislocated shoulder.

Last, but by no means least, my lovely daughter Emily, who rushed to be with me, got me home and stayed with me, and anyone else I’ve missed out – thank you!

Trevor Coffey

Old Warehouse Mews


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