Public cash will be spent on costly repairs

THE headline at the top of Diane Bayley's excellent letter (Gazette, July 1) might have been more apt if it had said "What ANOTHER waste of money".

What is the council thinking of during these difficult times of financial cutbacks, when it uses much-needed funds to extend, by huge amounts, the children's playground on The Green?

Any reply from the council will probably say the money was provided by a grant, but it is still public money which could have been more responsibly used.

Where is the desecration of our green going to end? It is already spoilt by car parks and large areas of Tarmac. . . and now spoilt further by a large addition to the playground. Why should we stand by and silently watch as our green is ruined? It was given to the town by a former Duke of Norfolk under covenant to ensure that it would remain as a simple open space.

The council, when questioned, always replies that we are "consulted" about any proposal. What does that mean. They know exactly what they propose to do, whatever we, the residents, wish.

The longest bench and the replacing of the shelters are further examples of inept financial spending. We are told the scheme will not cost the ratepayers anything, but who will foot the bills for repair and any ongoing vandalism? The initial financial outlay may have been donated, but surely the donor could have chosen a project where the

money could have been used in a more useful way.

Why has the work taken so long, leaving the seafront in an unsightly mess during the important summer months?

I have been informed by Arun District Council that all the work will be completed by July 16. The officer to whom I spoke did not specify the year of completion. Maybe I should have asked?

John Nicholson

Beach Crescent



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