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Your letters

I write in response to Nick Cross’ letter (Gazette, October 16) about the A27 proposals.

He is correct in saying that the local MP, Nick Herbert, does not care about local residents’ views – Mr Herbert has repeatedly refused to engage with residents who have legitimate and constructive views on how to relieve traffic congestion in an environmentally tolerable and cost-effective manner.

Instead, the MP wrongfully and repeatedly asserts wholesale support for the proposed aerial motorway – an illuminated skyway on stilts, not a bypass – that would connect Crossbush to the A27 dual-carriageway west of Arundel, thereby despoiling important landscape and historic woods and polluting Arundel and local villages, including a nearby primary school and doctor’s surgery, to the long-term detriment of residents’ health.

There has been no public consultation on the proposals – and no proper consideration of other more acceptable ideas. Instead, the Arundel Skyway is being rapidly forced through for political reasons.

The Arundel Skyway will be an horrendously costly, technically difficult and environmentally disastrous white elephant, pushing congestion around the road network. It is disproportionate and unnecessary. The local residents will carry the burden forever and the benefits, if any, will go to transitory motorists who will not even stop to provide local businesses with more trade.

Mr Herbert may seek to push this abominable project through in an undemocratic and precipitate manner, but only in opposition to many local residents and certainly not in my name!

Nick Butt

Arundel Wing

Tortington Manor Estate

Ford Road


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