Police and council need to take notice of views from Littlehampton residents

I have been asked by more than one person why I don’t write letters any more.

They all say they look for my letter every week.

Picture By Malcolm McCluskey  South Terrace at its junction with Beach Road.

Picture By Malcolm McCluskey South Terrace at its junction with Beach Road.

I told them that the police and council don’t take any notice of our views.

First, it’s the same story of 31 years, which I have lived in my flat. The workers find somewhere to park in the summer, when Beach Road cars are only allowed to park one side of the road for six hours. In the winter, I watch cars weaving in and out of each other. It has always been my thought that there will be a terrible accident.

There should be double yellow lines from the roundabout right down to the seafront.

Also, I keep waiting for our pavements and gutters to be cleaned. There are weeds growing everywhere.

I still see the cleaner van doing just the top end of Beach Road and not our end.

Lastly, when are bikers going to be stopped riding through the town? They seem to think they have the right of way.

Why not let traffic wardens fine them on the spot? It is worst on Fridays, market day. I have many near misses of being knocked down.

Peggy Brassett

Granville Road, Littlehampton


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