LETTER: Why are shops’ doors left open?

It has come to my notice that country-wide, shop doors remain open during opening hours. This is absolute madness when one thinks about the amount of energy that is wasted.

I have been on a mission to close shop doors, which are immediately reopened.

The remark from store staff is ‘to show customers the shop is open’ or ‘we are not allowed to have them closed’. One had the cheek to say ‘At least Rustington village is warm’!

What nonsense! It is not a fire issue, either.

If you go to northern European countries the shop doors are kept closed to keep the heat in.

I have emailed the Energy Minister with this – no response.

The government goes on about saving energy by turning off your lights, etc. They should be demanding shop doors remain closed to save a huge amount of energy.

I urge you to bring this to the attention of someone who will listen.

If security was not an issue, you would not leave your front door open all day, would you?

Nigel Harris

The Martlets


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