LETTER: What happened to bridge idea?

Can anyone remember a suggestion being made by the council, around the 1970s, for a bridge to be built from the lighthouse beach A259 across to the beach and meet up at the road beyond the Saltings roundabout? Perhaps it was from Coronation Green across the mudflats to the same destination?

I am pretty old now, but the memory remains!

At the time, one of the reasons it was rejected was to do with the nesting of birds on the mudflats.

Another reason remembered was that we would lose our wonderful views of sunsets...

Our community is certainly going to miss out a lot more than that when the riverbank is covered in tall brick and concrete constructions!

Maybe little old Shoreham will become a place for a day trip? Remember the building of the Swiss Cottage years ago!

Pauline Harnett

Woodard’s View


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