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Your letters

No doubt many voters are confused by the deluge of election leaflets that give us some details of the candidates seeking our votes on May 7.

These leaflets do not always make it clear whether they refer to town/parish councils, district councils, or even Parliament. There are still some inadequacies in the hand-outs – mainly due to some vagueness about which council is involved.

Whether we vote for a named person or merely for a local member of our favoured party, we would like to know exactly who and what we are voting for!

I am surprised that none of the local candidates has emphasised the implications of the proposed closure of Toddington Lane level crossing.

Other implications of current developments not mentioned include lack of adequate parking facilities and other important infrastructure, and their consequences.

These are only some examples of what, in medical parlance, could be described as side effects, but they can all lead to unwelcome changes in our environment.

The leaflets have been clarified by the information published in the Littlehampton Gazette. However, practically all the election literature does make much of the positive intentions of the candidates, but there is a danger of allowing less important issues to be overlooked.

Perhaps future councillors will give some prominence to the less obvious consequences of their decisions!

W. F. Daggett

Barn Close


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