LETTER: Silent majority must speak up

The end date, October 16, of the consultation on the Arundel Bypass is getting close and I wonder just how many have found the time to express their views and preferences in the consultation.

It is after all one of the most important issues that residents of Arundel and all the surrounding villages and towns have ever had to consider. Many have waited a very long time for this to come back on the agenda, especially after all the hopes, and then disappointments, of the last 30-plus years

As with most contentious issues, those who oppose are more vociferous than those who support, and this has certainly been the case with the Arundel bypass .

I have always believed, and still do , that there is a considerable ‘silent majority’ that supports an off-line bypass for Arundel.

There’s nothing wrong with remaining silent , but there is a danger of remaining inactive too. I hope therefore that everyone who supports the bypass has already completed the consultation, or will before the deadline arrives. You can be sure that all those that oppose it will have done so.

Highways England need to know there is a majority who support an offline bypass. Therefore we should support one of their options. A ‘no option’ outcome must not be allowed to happen, especially as this is probably the last opportunity we’ll ever have.

The fact is, and I think most on both sides agree, things cannot remain as they are. The present single carriage relief road, and it’s bridges, cannot cope much longer. The gridlocks at Crossbush and Hospital Hill will only get much worse. Tinkering with the relief road will not work or solve the problem. Something better than that has to be done.

Now is the time, and now we have the opportunity to solve the problem once and for all.

If they haven’t already, I urge everyone who supports an off-line Arundel bypass to have their say in this consultation before it’s too late.

Colin Stepney

The Causeway, Arundel