LETTER: Redeveloping cinema, or not?

The former Luxor cinema in Lancing. Photo by Derek Martin Photography
The former Luxor cinema in Lancing. Photo by Derek Martin Photography

In October the Herald published a letter from me, under the heading ‘Great news for former cinema’, in which I welcomed the news that the former Luxor cinema in Lancing was to be converted from its present neglected condition into 12 flats and a shop.

LETTER: Great news for former cinema

The Herald has now announced that the decision to preserve this iconic building has been praised by a cinematographer, who started his career at the art deco building in 1940.

The former Luxor employee, now Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE, went on to develop a successful career in the film industry and become a Bafta grandee while, in the meantime, his former workplace in South Street fell into disrepair.

In the same Herald article councillor Brian Boggis was quoted as saying that it was good to hear of Sir Sydney’s memories, that local history and people’s reminiscences were important, and that the council’s decision to insist on preserving the building would bring the facade of the building back to its former glory.

This all sounds very positive but the only thing that seems to have seen happened in the past four months or so is dilapidated estate agents signs being taken down and replaced by those of a different agent advertising the sale of three separate shops.

So, if these are up for sale, is the Luxor going to be redeveloped or not? Or is the reported redevelopment just pie in the sky? Perhaps the Herald can investigate and let us know.

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent, Lancing

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