LETTER: Parking woes in high street

On a returning visit to Steyning last week, whilst waiting for the bus (on more than one occasion), I was shocked to observe the laziness of motorists unable to park their cars in a space provided.

With empty spaces on the side of the Co-op and a half-full car park, cars with all ages of drivers would park on the opposite side of the road, some leaving their hazard warning lights operating, but most crossing to go into the supermarket.

Are they all so selfish that they wish to give no consideration to other road users, including bus drivers?

A more frequent parking officer is needed to issue spot fines, on differing days for attendance to offset complacency.

Those with disabled badges also have a responsibility to park with consideration for other road users and, indeed, not only make sure they give appropriate access to the buses but also to any emergency services.

Park responsibly for all would be a good way forward!

I have been a previous resident in the area, now visit frequently, and I am also a car owner.

Pauline Waller



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