LETTER: No extra police to combat crime

According to an article in the Herald newly-released figures show that there are 680 burglaries across Sussex every month.

The county’s police force says that, between September, 2016, and September, 2017, this was the average number of homes and businesses burgled every month – which averages out at 22 a day. That works out at over 8,000 a year but, unfortunately, we have not been told how many crooks were actually caught, put before the courts and sentenced for their transgressions.

I suspect that the number was quite low because Sussex Police have now launched a social media campaign to show us how we can bolster our home security in an attempt to stop them breaking in and stealing our possessions.

Not so long ago we would have read press statements informing us that ‘Sussex Police take burglary very seriously’, and that it would be directing extra resources into the worst affected areas.

Instead we will probably all be sent notices to stick in our windows proclaiming ‘WARNING! These premises are protected by a Social Media Campaign’.

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent