LETTER: Litter tends to attract litter

Congratulations to the lady who highlighted the increasing litter problem in Worthing and for taking the matter literally into her own hands. Apart from being unsightly and unhygienic, litter tends to attract litter in certain areas.

The council litterpickers do their best but are sadly fighting a losing battle and we also have far too much dog mess which is not cleared up.

Much of the litter consists of food wrappers, packets, plastic and glass bottles, and cigarette packets, which could all be recycled if taken home.

I understand that the council is unable to recycle such litter placed in public waste bins for hygiene reasons. The new target of 90 per cent or so for recycling of litter for the council will not be achievable unless we take it home with us and place in our recycling bins, please.

John Wickens

Windermere Crescent, Worthing

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