LETTER: It’s sandalism in Littlehampton

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Your letters

While waiting for a friend last Saturday afternoon, I wandered from our rendezvous point to admire the large white boulders and new seating by the lighthouse overlooking the river and seafront.

As I sauntered towards the sloping planted area adjacent to the Coastguard Tower, I witnessed two very young children, each accompanied by an adult, wander through the recently planted vegetation.

The first lad was astride a plastic tractor and successfully ploughed up the sand from one end to the other, closely followed by a sprinter who skilfully carved out his own route. Judging by the marks in the sand, they were both on return journeys!

Both adults, not influenced by each other, encouraged the minors in their progress.

Just a thought – if supervising adults find this behaviour acceptable, maybe a few signs wouldn’t go amiss, including information on the plants and what we might expect to see in future years.

This, in turn, might discourage adults sanctioning activities such as these, not to mention sand castle building, mentioned by Whispering Smith in his column (Gazette, March 19).

If encouraged to continue, these activities will inevitably jeopardise the survival of these plants, which are adapting to their new environment and trying to establish themselves!

Christine Elson

White Horses Way


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