LETTER: Ideas for the benefit of town

I am very interested in the plans for Teville Gate, illustrated in the Worthing Herald, and I am writing to air my views as to the future development of this large site.

The way the site is developed will affect the future of the town’s prosperity, so much careful thought is needed.

I have lived and worked in the town for 61 years and I believe Worthing is in need of updating to bring it back to ‘Sunny Worthing’, making the most of its long, warm, sunny days, and the promenade.

I have given the future of the site in question many years of thought and I disagree with the proposals – except I agree with plans for high-rise flats. Hopefully they could be planned for young, committed couples saving to buy at a reasonable cost.

I agree there could be refreshment facilities and toilets for people travelling on the train, but my main interest is the existing car park, which could be ideal for people parking and travelling into Worthing by bus, hence having a bus station and perhaps a cycle hire area.

This would enable visitors to have more time to shop and eat, enjoy the seafront in a more relaxed way and also reduce the number of cars in town, thereby giving more pedestrian areas for the benefit of the shops and restaurants.

People come here to enjoy the sun and the sea, the special benefits of the town. Let us make more use of the town and seafront.

The increased population should be considered and provided with more refreshment areas on the promenade and toilet facilities, all the way along to George V Avenue and around the town.

I am sure my ideas would work for the benefit of everyone and the town would become more popular and prosperous in future.

Shirley Verenne

Marine Parade