LETTER: Here’s a plan for grass verges...

In a Herald story headed ‘Residents raise concerns over nine new homes proposed in Lancing’, a local resident was quoted as saying that parking has become increasingly problematic, often with verge and footway parking being the only options for residents.

She continued by saying that larger vehicles are forced to drive across verges and road access splays to navigate pinch points created by parked vehicles.

These problems are far from unique to North Lancing; all across our county cars park on grass verges, and heavy goods vehicles, trying to get past parked cars, churn them to pieces and leave them looking an absolute mess.

As West Sussex County Council (WSCC) spends one and a half million pounds every year cutting these verges, only for many of them to be turned into a sea of mud, perhaps the time has come for a bit of lateral thinking, or, as it is also called, ‘thinking outside of the box’.

As they (almost) used to say on the children’s programme Listen with Mother, ‘Are you sitting comfortably, WSCC? Then I will begin.’ You need to identify every grass verge in our county that is more or less wide enough to accommodate the width of the average car.

Having done that you then dig them up and then either pave or Tarmac them over.

End result; you won’t have to spend anything like £1.5million every year cutting them, you will give residents a lot more parking spaces and they will no longer get ruined by cars owners, who often have no choice other than to park on them, or torn to pieces by large vehicles, especially the council’s refuse lorries trying to get to our homes to collect our rubbish.

That’s it so, as Uncle Mac (almost) used to say at the end of Children’s Hour on the radio, ‘Goodbye children (and county councillors) everywhere.

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent


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